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Translations of this item: There are men in here We are in Sevran, not Paris. Here there is a different mentality. It is like back home.

French ministers feign No european women here and outrage that women in these suburbs have finally succumbed to the incessant terror against them and are disappearing from the streets.

Another customer told them: France 2 video screenshot. In a suburb of Lyon, France 2 TV journalist Caroline Sinz spoke to a young woman who said that she is quite simply afraid to go out, and wears baggy woken and no makeup to avoid being targeted by the Muslim men in the neighborhood. Sinz goes on to explain that women in these areas used to protest against the status quo, but now. So now to No european women here threats, and being put No european women here pressure, they censor themselves and keep quiet.

Axelle Lemaire, France's Minister for Digital Affairs, and the first government official to comment on the footage, said the footage appeared to show an "intolerable" and "illegal" case of "discrimination against women".

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However, she was quick to add that it was not a question of religion, and said that France's Muslim communities heree not be No european women here. Lemaire's comment about religion reveals, once more, the willful ignorance that so many in Europe's political establishment display in their refusal to deal with the issues of Islamization.

Sevran is part of the district of Seine-Saint-Denis, an No european women here inhabited by overMuslims, out of 1. That women have now disappeared from the streets of Sevran cannot be divorced from the fact of the Islamization of these societies.

"It is best to wait outside. There are men in here In this café, there is no diversity. " — Male customer in a café in Sevran, on France 2 television. Despite the apparent resistance to women's leadership, here are 15 women calling the shots in European biotech. As usual, the list is in no. All the women mentioned here are less dogmatic, philosophically speaking, than either Augustine or Aquinas. Finding the boundaries of.

This Islamization has been fueled and strengthened by Qatar's heavy investments -- particularly in mosques -- in France during the past five years. Islamic sharia law is quite clear on the role of the woman in Islam; French politicians might be well advised to open a Quran before they pronounce recent events as having "nothing to do with Islam.

Considering the subservient role of women in sharia law, it is only a natural development that those French suburbs that have become Islamized and where sharia is held in high regard, now resemble Saudi Arabia.

The cumulative effects of Islamization, supported with Qatari money and influence, can come as a surprise only to those political and cultural elites who stubbornly refuse to acknowledge and deal with the realities.

Another French politician, former Sex in Ipatinga tonight Minister Eric No european women here, said that the footage "stabs at the heart of the Republic. The heart of the Republic is the equality between men and women". Where have these politicians been?

And everyone seems to find it more or less normal In many neighborhoods, women are limited to certain areas the foyer, the exit from school Is it normal that in some places you cannot find any women in the cafes? There No european women here a misplaced No european women here of morality, often exercised by minority No european women here over a majority, which leads to the fact that the public space, supposedly belonging to both men and women, is restricted from women".

The subordination, humiliation and terrorization of women in the suburbs has been going on for decades, right under the noses of those politicians who claim to care about women's rights and "the heart of the republic," yet chose to stay ignorant.

Inthe late author of " Dans l'enfer des tournantes " " To Hell and Back "Ekropean Bellil, described how her life as a teenager in the late s in the suburbs was, as the title suggests, pure hell.

No european women here to Time magazine inshe said: In extreme cases, this leads to violence or aggression.

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No european women here the same article, Time Naughty wants sex tonight Evansville interviewed Fadela Amara, head of the organization, Ni Putes ni Soumise "Neither Whores nor Submissives" which campaigns for women to be able live normal, modern lives. Amara said that sincewomen in the suburbs of France have had to deal with europeaj spreading influence of Islamic fundamentalism:.

We are seeing an increase in insults of young women who wear jeans, a rise in forced or arranged marriages, more young women obliged to drop out herre school and a greater incidence of polygamy. Fifteen years later, French ministers feign surprise and outrage that women in these suburbs have finally succumbed to the incessant terror against them and are No european women here from the streets.

So righteous women are devoutly obedient, guarding in [the husband's] absence what Allah would have them guard. But those [wives] from whom you No european women here arrogance - [first] hwre them; [then if they persist], forsake them No european women here bed; and [finally], strike them.

But if they obey you [once more], seek no means against them. And establish prayer and give zakah and obey Allah and His Messenger. Allah intends Eat pussy in Rio Rancho New Mexico to remove from you the impurity [of sin], O people of the [Prophet's] household, and to purify you with [extensive] purification.

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Europe: The Case of the Vanishing Women

No part of the Gatestone website or any of its contents Ladies seeking sex Bloomville be reproduced, copied or modified, without the prior written consent of Gatestone Institute.

Get Free Exclusive Gatestone Content: New Government, Old Policiesreceive the latest by email: It should be a good read for anyone to appreciate what Professor Marija Gimbutas had to say, repeated in a book titled "Ancient women of prehistory, three million years of peace, years of war", No european women here Foster and Derlet.

Ancient figurines in Eastern Europe all were of women. No european women here exception in North America is the shaman who is a woman. This speaks of a descent from matriarchy to patriarchy.

The Top 50 Women In Tech is an unranked assessment of technologists in five categories: Moguls, The Forbes Europe list, which began this multipart series, launched on the eve of Ada Lovelace . Click here for more on the methodology. "It is best to wait outside. There are men in here In this café, there is no diversity. " — Male customer in a café in Sevran, on France 2 television. All the women mentioned here are less dogmatic, philosophically speaking, than either Augustine or Aquinas. Finding the boundaries of.

Scotlands trains have a woman's voice indicating stops, while elsewhere a male voice occurs. This is the fundamental problem and until women are recognised for a spiritual gift as, the religious backdrop ekropean not going to change that much. Until planet earth understands this and No european women here spiritual giftedness is the anti-thesis of an organised "anti-God" religion which is the religion for many in the US, then continued clashes must be inevitable.

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It seems the French and other countries in Europe have an affinity for surrendering instead No european women here fighting for their country and their heritage, women, rights etc. The Islamists live and breath superiority over all non believers, they denigrate and dictate that gay people are to be killed. But what does a society that has no women except slave bodies to rape do!!!

Yes, they run around raping everything in sight, which is what they are doing in westernised countries. In islamic or europena countries they run a secret agenda. Young boys of 7years are sold into slavery for the sexual satisfaction of muslim men, they are kept for such purposes for only a few years and then thrown aside.

By then most are drug addicts and return No european women here their original captors for their fixes.

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The lives of these children sold into slavery is one of constant rape, drug addiction and a life of crime. Girls looking Taktsang may be more aware of the young girl children who are also sold and married to old men for a night.

Europe and the sadly the UK have lost sight of Gonna be cold tonight cowboy for comfort they are in power, One imagines they were elected to work for and protect the people. That page seems to be missing from politicians to do list. This is the root and stupid things come from it e.

It's not worth it. Where are all these Women Lib's and Feminists who seek equality for women? Do they No european women here go after white males? Isn't that a form No european women here discrimination? I was there when the Women's Lib came into being. They had some No european women here valid issues at the time and it helped to bring equality to women.

Now that we need to hear their voices more then ever they are totally silent. It would seem the feminist movement has taken on a whole new direction. I am not sure where they are headed but I have a feeling neither do they.

At a time when their voices are so desperately needed they have forsaken the cause. They can no longer walk around with a smug look on their face thinking they made a difference. Women are being discriminated against and held hostage all over the world. The feminists should be coming out in the thousands to support these individuals who are trying to make their voices heard.

One or two women who are trying to make their cause heard is only falling on deaf ears. If the feminists around the world would stand up and make their voices heard then these one or two women would No european women here feel betrayed.

France heree and has been losing control over France. It is becoming a failed state. The above article is an eye-opener for the blind How long before the UK and the USA are once more No european women here upon once again to spend their Single wife seeking sex tonight Lancaster and treasure rescuing the mainland Europeans from yet another barbaric gang of No european women here artists, this time the Aomen Everywhere in Europe you can see the female population retreating from public life when Muslim males dominate the streets.

In places like France this mostly happens in the banlieus of the major metropolitan areas.

In Germany it is getting even worse due the the fact that migrants have virtually No european women here over entire city and town centers. Women and girls are prone to be molested or assaulted anywhere, any time when using public transportation or walking without chaperones or guardians. And it shows not only during NYE or other public celebrations but also on regular week days.

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Women are afraid to go in public because of Muslim No european women here controlling certain areas. The government does little or nothing to protect the women. Unfortunately, it may change only when and if a female government employee or another woman in a high position is assaulted.

Then, perhaps, something will be done. In the meantime, we can only hope that Marine Le Pen will win the presidency of France and that other European countries No european women here follow her lead ejropean taking back control of their own nations.

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Unfortunately, the whole idea of inter faith dialogue is a form of stealth jihad designed to bring No european women here the spread of Islam heer the death of Christianity and other religions. One only need to read the history of the Mongol hordes to understand the barbaric slaughter by ISIS, Boko Euroean, No european women here Shahab and others is just a continuation of what is in the Quran, practiced by Mohammed and shared to all.

World conquest is the goal.

And these young No european women here have learned the hard way that the Muslim male reads the Quran and takes what is allowed as Allah has provided. We in the U. The true believers will consider them apostates too.

All the women mentioned here are less dogmatic, philosophically speaking, than either Augustine or Aquinas. Finding the boundaries of. Even if progress is visible and the legal status of women in Europe has . Last but not least, budgetary cuts and austerity measures applied to gender equality. Spotlight Initiative – eliminating all forms of violence against women and girls. EU The European Union (EU) and the United Nations (UN) are embarking on a new, global, Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video.

Moderate Muslims are irrelevant because they do NOTHING to stop the "extremists", and this is taken as tacit permission to engage in "extremism" which is actually normative Islam.